society discontinued

by i stared into the forest

i wonder how many times you can disappoint me, i’ve come to dissolve my expectations in your vacant gaze. searching for something to rush some blood through your clogged veins. yet you've already proven to be guided by a pattern of hollow values. everyday burdens are your way of passing through life, merely feeding on time until you decay. you've buried yourself in a casket of apathy and had it nailed shut. as it spins through your futile existence, your block head appears to be round. watch me carefully, bursting the bubble in which you oxidize every ideal. please spare me the pain of having to see you crawl between your senseless deeds. can't tell if it's worth it or not, when the entire world seems blocked off. i guess i don't care.
don't seek excuses in failure. no splinter of power can be found in your numbness. you jump into a puddle of self satisfaction. different echoes, on different shapes. you listen to no one. maybe nothing will change. your conception of freedom is lacking its essence. try! hope! this is just a transition to a new upstart phase. release yourself from this cold shackle!
he took a look in the mirror, yet his face was emptier than a barren, weathered page. the past two weeks he'd just lay in bed, his head wrapped in a thick coating of anguish. today he had company. as the visitor spoke, he could only hear an incomprehensible wail, nondescript sounds erupting and fading away. nothing worth hearing. so he turned away and returned to his mouldy crib. he was alone again. all of this was his own doing. what he lacked was purpose. he never understood that there's no reason to become mired in your own misery, that rock bottom is the perfect foundation of new. instead, he kept repeating obsessively: "there's nothing i can do that will change anything. why would i try?"
as he started to see these same words following him through the hallway, he ran, but the letters stretched out and convulsed, turning into a spider, crawling on his body, viciously avoiding his grasp. its fangs dug a small hole into his head and laid an egg inside his skull, where hundreds of newly hatched spiders would shamelessly consume his sanity before rushing out in waves. in truth, they didn't have to travel too far, why refuse a host that fearfully welcomes you? they made another nest, grew and kept breeding, only to lay their eggs again, until there was nothing left to feast on. this morning, as he died, so did his memory.
days cave in, they choke my dreams and fail to make me understand the need of moving forward, it’s snowing and i'm thundering with plans i'll never see or make come true. while i shatter my teeth, you assume i'll understand when everything just falls apart. for now, let's ignore the elephant in the room. talking about it again feels just like chewing on a broken mirror. i'm not ready to accept it, it still means too much to me.
sore monday 01:57
i'm standing in a chipped snow globe, swimming farther into a sea of molten glass, the embrace of the waves feels like that of some friends i haven't seen in ages. somehow i know i have to take one last breath before i get pulled under. as the incandescent glass cools off above me, it turns crystal clear. right now, i find it all so comforting. the world doesn't seem all that different from below, only its colours differ. i keep sinking deeper and deeper... gazing towards the surface i drown. suddenly, i wake up. all in all, this is nothing like bringing yourself back from the dead, it's more like pouring your thoughts back into what we call real life.


on this recording, isitf was adrian, andrei, bogdan and lucian

recorded, mixed and mastered by marius costache

artwork by viez

download from:


released October 1, 2011




i stared into the forest Brașov, Romania

i stared into the forest is a hardcore band from brasov, romania. their sound is a mix of different hardcore styles, with emphasis on "real screamo" and metallic "math" hardcore. the band is built on diy ethics, a love of freedom and a strong stance against discrimination. their second release, titled "unframed pictures of our epilogue", was released on december 12, 2012 on fading halo records. ... more

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