streams of light are shed upon my half closed eyes. they are sewing my mouth, dictating me what to believe in. so much freedom, but they can’t stand it. don’t wake me up from this state. knives are pointed at our sources of knowledge. rage will reign supreme when they’ll control every bite of information our mind receives. being transformed into a model for gluttony and grief is not my idea of casting my traces through life. relating is not so difficult when you realize that nothing will be the same for everyone, not only for me.


from unframed pictures of our epilogue, released December 12, 2012




i stared into the forest Brașov, Romania

i stared into the forest is a hardcore band from brasov, romania. their sound is a mix of different hardcore styles, with emphasis on "real screamo" and metallic "math" hardcore. the band is built on diy ethics, a love of freedom and a strong stance against discrimination. their second release, titled "unframed pictures of our epilogue", was released on december 12, 2012 on fading halo records. ... more

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